Game of Thrones theory: Did Daenerys Targaryen see her final fate all the way back in season two?

Daenerys has become a powerful force but will she survive the final battles? (Picture: HBO)
Game of Thrones theory: Did Daenerys Targaryen see her final fate all the way back in season two?

Game of Thrones fans are a patient bunch – between waiting for the final season and the seventh book, they’ve been desperate to figure out their faves’ fates.

But some fans are just particularly good at spotting clues (or easily fooled) by red herrings, and are more than willing to their theories of what’s going to happen next year.

This latest one concerns Daenerys, and who could potentially reign on the Iron Throne by the end of the series.


Could Jon really end up on the throne? (Picture: HBO)

So…Reddit fans are the best at coming up with some killer plans and theories as to what will happen with their characters on any show, but particularly Game of Thrones.

In the latest thought, presented by KeDoG3, it appears that not only are we already aware of what might happen – but we’ve already seen it back in season two.

Discussing his thoughts, he said: ‘There seems to be a very major hint that seems to have gone over people’s heads when it was first shown. Daenerys’ fate being hinted, if not foreshadowed in the House of the Undying.

‘When Daenerys enters the tower she has a vision of the Throne Room blanketed in snow and destroyed then passes through to see Khal Drogo and their dead son. While this is a vision, this is a major dropped hint by GRRM and the producers on Daenerys’ fate.’

Daenerys and Drogo Game of Thrones
We’d love nothing more than for Drogo to come back, but not like this (Picture: HBO)

‘The hint is that Daenerys will die in the fight for King’s Landing between the White Walkers and the combined Westerosi army. Now the Khal Drogo and their son portion is Daenerys passing to the Shadowlands that the Dothraki believe is the afterlife.

‘Khal Drogo is obviously believed to be in the Shadowlands by the Dothraki and remember that Daenerys did in fact give birth to the two’s son, but that the witch doctor killed the baby due to it’s grotesque appearance.

‘That would solidify that Daenerys has foreseen her ultimate death and that the fate of Daenerys has been foreshadowed since the Finale of Season 2.’

So…there you have it. Could Daenerys’ vision not just be a dream, but a prophecy of what her fate was?

On top of this, other people on the thread are claiming that the blanket of snow could mean that it is Daenerys’ lover/ally/nephew who could actually take the throne and emerge victorious.

Only another six months or so until we know the truth…


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